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 Please place your tongue firmly in cheek, and prepare to have some good natured racing-dog fun! You'll find pictures and other goodies below that highlight the adventures of Baron, as he pursues his racing career on the track, screen, and in the media.


1999 Ultimate Match Race Champion
Champion of Champions
1997 Wiener Nationals Champion
Holiday Bowl Champion

Baron at rest 

Baron, the Super Running Mascot's Facts and Figures:

*Age: Born November 1992

*Size: A 34 pound whopper

*AKC Name: CarrDox's Bear Mountain Baron

*Pedigree: Over 20 Show and Field Champions in his dog family tree

*Favorite Activities: Sleeping, Running, Playing, Eating

*Speed: 50 yards in 4.22 seconds
(Faster than the human world record holder)

*Undefeated Lifetime in Championship Races

Baron "at speed" during a sub-5 second 50 yard practice run..

After some encouragement from Baron's massive, howling legion of fans, I really need to update this web page. Items yet to be added include recent pictures, updates from his two Animal Planet specials "Breed All About It" and "Amazing Tails", his Hard Copy segment, footage of his second commendation from the Mayor of Placentia, video's of his Championship races, and as Athlete of the Week on NBC's "Fred Roggin's Sunday Night Sports". Baron's been taking it dog-gone easy in retirement after recently celebrating his 13th birthday. Let's kick things off by embarrassing him with a picture of the World's Fastest Dachshund when he was 2 1/2 weeks old. (Hope he doesn't bite me for this!)


   May 24, 2000:
 Baron the Racing Dachshund Retires Undefeated..

(Here he is, in his "I'm Retired" pose)

PLACENTIA, California - May 24, 2000

Baron the Racing Dachshund has announced his retirement after a stellar 4 year "racing career". His racing titles include 1999 Ultimate Match Race Champion, 1998 Champion of Champions, 1997 Wiener Nationals Champion, and 1997 Holiday Bowl Racing Champion.

Baron’s ability to run 50 yards faster than a world class human sprinter amazed everyone, and is no easy feat considering that his legs are only 4 inches long! He has run 50 yards in only 4.22 seconds, the fastest ever by a Dachshund, and has never had a close race at that distance. Baron is retiring because Los Alamitos Race Course no longer allows him to compete in the Wienernationals, due to his dominating performances there. Says Jeff True, Los Alamitos Marketing Director: "He’s just too much dog for the competition".

His media adventures include two appearances on NBC’s "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", plus appearances on "Hard Copy", Animal Planet Network’s "Breed All About It" and "Amazing Tails", NBC’s "Fred Roggin's Sunday Night Sports" and various news and sports programs. He has twice received Certificates of Accomplishment from the Mayor of Placentia, and raised money for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County in a 1999 Charity race. Baron is now enjoying a "dog-gone-easy" retirement, and enjoys receiving email from his web page.

(Background: according to Jeff True, Director of Marketing for Los Alamitos Race Course, Baron will no longer be allowed to race there. Jeff has refused Baron entry into the Wienernationals since 1997, saying that he is "just too much dog for the competition", that his winning every year isn't "good for publicity", and that both Los Alamitos, and the media, "want something different every year". 

So in 1998 and 1999, Baron was featured in match races against the Wienernational "Champions" instead, all of which he won easily. Participants, fans, and the press have never been told that Jeff has been keeping the fastest past champions, including Baron, from racing in the Wienernationals. As one track worker said: "It would be embarrassing if people knew they are keeping the best ones out". 

All good things must end eventually. Although Baron has had great fun racing, it's a blessing that he retires healthy and happy after never losing a Championship race or having a close race. 

Baron is a big baby at home, unless he's in watchdog mode. His real passion has always been running. If he knows that it's time to practice or race, he gets so excited that we can hardly hold him. He enjoys running on any surface, and can start on voice command.

My first heat race in 1997  My saddle cloth didn't fit, I ran over it on the way to victory!  Posing between practice runs..  Practice is fun too..  Wonder if that dog wants to race?


Below are some chronological highlights
of Baron's "dog career". Enjoy!



June 14th, 1997:
Baron Wins Wiener Nationals Championship

Baron charged through a field of 64 Dachshund finalists to win the Wienerschnitzel Restaurants Wiener Dog Nationals at Los Alamitos Raceway! There were 255 entries, with 64 qualifying for the finals. His "booty" included a $500 cash prize to buy lot's of dog snacks, a beautiful etched glass trophy, and a media tour for Wienershnitzel. He was fast qualifier, and "crushed the field with a powerful run" according to the track announcer. Film of the event was featured on Los Angeles television stations and Hard Copy on Monday June 16th. Baron subsequently appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday June 19th, as detailed below. Click any picture below to view a larger version..

The Start..  Halfway to victory..  Finish Line Ahead!  Posing Again..  Collecting the Hardware..



June 16, 1997:
Baron appears on TV show "Hard Copy"

(Pictures to come)


June 19, 1997:
Baron makes his first appearance on the
Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

Baron, the dog celebrity that he is, appeared on the Tonight Show on Thursday June 19th along with Ron Rowland, his dog daddy. Baron was "interviewed" by Jay on stage and had a short match race against 5 other Dachshunds from the race. The "race" was only a 20 foot romp across the stage instead of the usual 50 yards, with the last half spent slowing down. Although Baron is as fast as any at the start, he usually dominates the second half of a 50 yard race. Baron won the first Tonight show run in a close photo finish with last years champion, Pea-Nut second. Jay then set up a 2nd race with just Baron and Pea-Nut, which Baron won by a nose. Pea-Nut, who starts very quickly, finished 4th at this year's Nationals.

Dad's interview, I'd rather race!  The closeups get them every time..  Where's the race?  Load me in the starting gate!  I made it close so we'd race again!

  July 15, 1997:
Baron receives Commendation from Placentia California
Mayor Norman Eckenrode



December 29, 1997:
Baron wins the Holiday Bowl Parade
Championship Race!

Baron wins in San Diego
Baron on a parade float

Monday, December 29, 1997: Baron streaked down the San Diego pavement in front of 100,000 parade spectators for his latest victory! The nationally televised race, sponsored by Wienerschnitzel Restaurants and PetSmart, was held before the start of the Holiday Bowl Parade. In addition to scoring a host of doggie goodies for the victory, he also earned a ride on the Wienershnitzel Restaurants float, and thoroughly enjoyed waving to his fans along the way. The picture above, taken along the parade route, shows Baron's "dogs-eye" view from the top of the float. The 9 Dachsie's who challenged Baron in the final were determined by qualification races at 3 Wienerschnitzel locations. To Baron's disadvantage, the race was shorter than the advertised 50 yard distance that he had prepared for, and with people crowding the finish line, it was tough, but he led wire to wire to remain undefeated. Go Baron, GO!


Sunday, February 22, 1998:
Baron Appears on NBC's "Fred Roggin's
Sunday Night Sports" as Athlete of the Week!

Baron poses with Fred Roggin, in front of Jay Leno's
Dodge Viper at NBC Studio's in Burbank, California.


Saturday May 30, 1998:
Baron Wins Wienernationals
"Champion of Champions" Race!

In 1998, the "Champion of Champions" championship race consisted of 1997 Wienernationals Champion Baron, 1996 Wienernationals Champion Peanut (won the year before Baron started racing), and Spike, the winner of the 1998 Wienernationals, the first to not include prior champions. Spike was 2nd to Baron in 1997 and Peanut in 1996. The spectacular race had Peanut out of the gate first in a blazing start, with Spike a close second and Baron, who started slowly, third 2 lengths back. Peanut held his lead until the halfway point. Baron quickly passed Spike, then Peanut, and won by 10 lengths going away. Peanut finished 2nd and Spike a distant 3rd, as all three dogs ran hard wire to wire like true champions.



February 16, 1998:
Baron makes his 2nd Tonight Show appearance

After winning the Holiday Bowl, the Tonight Show wanted to spoof Baron's racing by matching him and other Dachshunds against racing pigs, (yes, racing PIGS). Unfortunately, Baron tried to break into their dressing room!

Baron in the limo
Baron on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Baron steals a smootch from supermodel Veronica Webb before the show.


June 12th, 1999:
Baron Remains Undefeated and Wins
The Ultimate Challenge Championship


Baron in the Wieners Circle
Baron in the "Wieners Circle" following his Ultimate Match Race victory on June 12, 1999

Baron returned to California's Los Alamitos Race Course on June 12th 1999, and successfully defended his 1998 Champion of Champions title by winning the 1999 "Ultimate Match Race". After Baron won the 1997 Wienernationals by a wide margin, track officials changed the rules. In 1998, Baron was excluded from Wienernationals eliminations and competed instead in a "Champion of Champions" race that matched him against prior champions and the Wienernationals eliminations winner that night. This year that format was refined to match Baron heads-up against Jesse, the 1999 Wienernationals Champion. To earn the right to face Baron, Jesse had to defeat a 64 dog field consisting of 8 dogs in 8 elimination races. In an excellent race, Baron started slightly behind, caught the quick Jesse by mid-race, then used long, powerful strides to stretch his winning margin to 4 lengths at the finish.

The "Ultimate Match Race" was run for charity, with SuperCar Specialty, Blakes Place, and Los Alamitos Race Course combining to donate $500 to the Children's Hospital of Orange County's Caring K-9's program. The Caring K-9's program, which depends on donations for it's survival, provides specially trained dogs to lift the spirits of hospitalized children. We are proud to assist this worthy cause.


  June 19, 1998:
Baron receives Commendation from Placentia California
Mayor Connie Underwood

(Pictures to come)


  August 14, 1998:
Baron Appears in Animal Planet Network's
"Amazing Tails"

(Pictures to come)


October 18, 1999:
Baron Appears in Animal Planet Network's
"Breed All About It"

Baron posing..

Baron, the ham he is, posing for photographer Dan from Animal Planet's Breed All About It.

(More pictures to come)


And Now?

Baron, now 13 years old (91 dog years), is the only Dachshund to never lose at Los Alamitos' 50 yard championship distance. He still loves to run, but now sports some gray on his muzzle and paws, we call it "character". He still thinks he's a racing pup in his dog-mind, though!

Baron snoozing after the race
Baron enjoying the thrill of victory with a well earned snooze at home after the race.

Stay tuned, Baron fans: more to be posted later..

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